Smith Island

Mon, Oct 28, 2013-

We spent the day at Smith Island.  Our plan was to go there so we could write it up for the 4th grade classes we are working with.  The island is isolated from the rest of the world.

The high school kids take a “boat bus” 13 miles each way for school each day.  There are only 9 kids, from 3 families, in the elementary school.  Most of the residents are waterman, fishing for crabs and oysters.  We spoke with Gene and Sandy who live there.  Sandy has good perspective.  She loves the island and wants it to survive, but is realistic on the environmental changes that are taking a toll on the shores.  The barrier dunes have washed away.   The poverty is obvious.

We bought 2 fish from a local man.  Bob went to clean them on the back step of the boat when one got away- and it was dead.  It just slipped out of his hand and floated away.  Bob had to get into the dinghy to fetch it.  He was successful and they were dinner.  It was a photo opportunity!


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