Tues, Oct 29th, 2013-

We managed to get the last anchorage spot at Hospital Point in Portsmouth, VA.  We have always seen the area but couldn’t take advantage of it with Bentley.  There is no place to easily take a dog ashore from the anchorage.  It was a great spot for us and we would certainly go there again.  It is easy to get in and out of when heading for the ICW.


Wed, Oct 30-

There is a reason why the T-shirts saying “What happens in Coinjock stays is Coinjock” are funny.  NOTHING happens in Coinjock.  OK, maybe it is the famous steak dinner they still have.  We did do laundry…but that was the extent of any action we saw.


Thurs, Oct 31-

Manteo has not changed and we hope it never does.  It was great to see Carl Jordan, the Dockmaster  at the docks.  They always provide a warm welcome.  The coffee shop, first on our list, has also not changed.  They still allow dogs inside.  The entire town has that small town, friendly atmosphere.


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