Oct 29 – 30, 2018 — 

Our final stretch north for the season took us to the tiny hamlet of Behram Kale, the site of ancient Assos.  The very small harbor holds mainly fishing boats.  The depth is only two meters, too shallow for us, so we found a spot with good holding just off the east end of the town in about 30 feet of water.  Since it was so late in the season we were the only boat there.  For our first evening, Bob grilled and we enjoyed a quiet dinner in the cockpit with a glorious sunset.

The ruins of Assos are a steep hike up to the top of an extinct volcanic cone.  The area is currently undergoing a new excavation and we read that it takes a lot of effort and imagination to find your way around.  We stuck with the waterfront, which is truly very small – several hotels, restaurants, and a beach–all adorable.  With it so late in the season, it was very quiet although the largest hotel and several restaurants were still open.  The hotel had been totally renovated and was very inviting. The inside as charming as the outside. All of the buildings are constructed of stone making for a really wonderful atmosphere.

We wandered part way up the steep road out of town to watch the sunset and check out the views, then enjoyed a nice dinner in one of the restaurants chosen very carefully—they had fire in the fireplace. That always gets our attention!

Like many towns in Turkey, they are either a cat town or a dog town. Town take care of their preferred species and support them on the street with shelters, veterinary care and a welcome acceptance. Assos is a cat town. We saw street cats everywhere and amazingly they all seemed to get along with themselves and the human co-residents. At dinner we were entertained by one cat who thought she should be invited to sit with us at the dinner table.  She was well behaved and sat there looking lovingly at us.  Sara would have certainly adopted this one if only we had the space on board. We find many cruisers have taken on a cat, it would have had a major impact to our program.

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