May 14 – 17, 2017 —

We spent April and early May doing boat projects getting ready for this sailing season, and also did some more exploring around Kos. Kos is slowly coming back to life as the days warm and stores, hotels and restaurants begin to open for the summer. Planters are being refilled and tables and chairs are re-appearing on the sidewalks. Several people have told us that reservations in the hotels are strong once again, after the island had two difficult seasons with fears from the migrant invasion of 2015. It had a huge financial impact on Kos.

Robert and Alyssa joined us aboard for a few days mid-May and afterwards they spent a day exploring Kos while we finished installing an additional set of cleats on the back deck, we headed out for a short sail with an overnight in Nisiros.  The winds were up with a meltemi going through but we were determined to get the sails up.  It was also a great opportunity to test everything out as it was our first venture out this season after many boat projects. High winds then no winds: after a brief bit of excitement the winds died and we motored the rest of the way to the small harbor of Palon. 

In Nisiros we rented a car and traveled first to the volcano, still active, in the center of the island. It has small bubbling pools and you can hear the sound of the gases escaping at the bottom of the crater. We then drove up to a small village in the hills behind the marina where we had lunch with beautiful views out over both Nisiros and the neighboring islands. 

At the marina Robert and Bob met a Greek sailor who had arrived in his steel hulled boat, just completing a three year circumnavigation.

We wrapped up the day by going to Mandraki Harbor, the main harbor on the island, for sunset then finding a very traditional Greek taverna nearby.  The staff did not speak much English but their hospitality was wonderful.

The following day we needed to get back to Kos for Robert and Alyssa to catch a flight on to Santorini.  The winds were up providing us a spirited sail back to our marina. 

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