Marmaris and Back

April 4 – 7, 2017 —

It is a challenge to move between the Greek Islands in the off season and adding Turkey to the mix, as another country, only adds to the challenge.  We have discovered that the summer (high season) for the ferries begins June 14 this year.  At the same time the best, and sometimes only place, to get boat parts is Marmaris, Turkey, especially for the VacuFlush toilets.  After scouting our options for getting to Marmaris, we chose to take a ferry from Kos to Bodrum, Turkey, less than five miles across the bay, then rent a car and drive the 3 1/2 hours to Marmaris.  Again, being off season, the hotels in Marmaris were very inexpensive. With two full days there we found all of the boat parts we needed and had time to enjoy time with several friends for coffee and dinner at some of our favorite spots. 

Our route back to Kos was a ferry to Rhodes, Greece then on to Kos Island.  It gave us a half day in Rhodes to wander the streets of Rhodes Old Town, a fortified area of winding narrow streets filled with Turkish, Byzantine and Latin architecture, and lots of charm.  Many of the streets are paved with stones and too narrow for cars.  Bob enjoyed finding a very old motorcycle that appeared to be from World War II.   He would love to have taken it for a spin.

The ferry back to Kos was a quick, smooth three hour ride, and we were back on the boat for dinner.  Now we have to get to work installing all of those new boat parts!

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