August 29 – September 2, 2016 — 

bbIMG_4006During the meltemi we had lots of time to explore Mikonos and Mikonos Town in particular. After a short time strolling among the quaint shops and cafes in the narrow alleys of Mikonos Town we happened upon a famous bakery we had read about. The baker’s name is George and the bakery has been in his family for generations.  bbDSC_6933The bakery also offers various coffees and bottled drinks and has a half dozen or so small tables where you can sit to enjoy the delicious pastries and breads while watching the baking operation.bbIMG_4005  The pastries are baked in a modern convection oven but the breads are all baked in the original wood-fired brick oven.  When you look at the room where the dough is mixed and the huge old-styled equipment you wonder how anything so delicious can come from such humble surroundings.  It is said that old bakeries are the best for great breads because the natural yeast that is in the air and flour dust over the years is the secret ingredient. It certainly seems to be the case here with George’s Bakery.

The meltemis this season have been relentless, one is hardly gone as the next one arrives.  After six days in Mikonos waiting out the meltemi we had arrived in, the winds finally subsided.  Watching the weather it was clear that our window of calm was going to be short lived.  We decided to check out a new island and headed west, past historic Delos to the nearby island of Rinia.  The rocky bare island is home only to a few farms with herds of sheep, cows and goats.  It has a well-protected south bay where we anchored off one of the three sandy beaches.

It did not take long to learn that this is where many of the big boats come to with their charter guests aboard.   Boats included more than a dozen super yachts, one complete with a helicopter.bbDSC_6927.1  Along with the guests are the water toys – jet skis, dinghies to get people back and forth from the beach activities, and boats for water skiing.   Music was turned up and the parties were in full swing.  We took advantage of the day on the boat to wash the boat and cockpit and polish the stainless steel.

By 7 pm all but four boats had left.  Whew!  We pretty much had the large anchorage to ourselves.  It was a good time for us to take our dinghy to shore, wash and wax the bottom and go for a swim.  Back at the boat a glass of wine in the cockpit while watching the sunset was just a perfect ending to the day.

We anchored in South Bay in about  five meters on sand.  Good holding.

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