Mon, January 6, 2014-

After a great holiday season home with family and Sara’s father doing better, we met with our land based crew at West Elementary.  The kids are so full of enthusiasm.  We did a brief slide show of our trip, mostly through different types of boats we see.  Bob then did hands on project making compasses using corks and needles.  He had filed down the ends of all the needles so we would have no blood shed.

We headed out that afternoon for our return trip to the boat, stopping in DC enroute to meet with the Turkish and Spanish embassies.  The Schengen Treaty is going to be a challenge on this journey.  It may have been drafted with the best of intentions, but it is a major roadblock to the sailing community and there seems to be no way around it.  It may result in Morocco and Turkey having more boating tourists.

Back on boat projects to get ready to cross to the Bahamas.  Just over a week later Sara got a call that her father was back in the hospital.  She flew home and spent the next two weeks there while Bob continued with boat projects.  Sara returned Feb 14th.

To make up some time and get the canvas repairs done that we needed, we decided to drive the canvas to Andy at Andy’s Canvas in Ft. Lauderdale, who made all of the original canvas for the boat.  That would give him a few days to do the repairs while we sailed down there.   That worked.  Andy was delightful.

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