Sat, Nov 9, 2013-

We said good-bye to Manteo about 7:30 am and headed for the Pamlico Sound.  It had always been on our bucket list as an alternative to Alligator River but, with Bentley, we could not risk the potential of bad weather coming in and not being able to get him to shore.   The route down Pamlico Sound is a very narrow channel where the water is 8-10 feet deep amidst a wide and beautiful span of3-4 foot deep water in the Sound.  After the close navigation of the first 20 miles, the deeper water widens making sailing an option.  We sailed into Okracoke about 5 pm and anchored.  Okracoke businesses were pretty much closed down for the season, but the area still looked like a mini version of Cape Cod.  It must be beautiful and active in the summer.  We spent the night, walked around the island in the morning and headed on to Beaufort, NC after another night on the anchor in the Sound at Turnagain Bay.

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