Sat, Sept 7, 2013-

Buzzard’s Bay was a brisk sail in 30 kts of wind.  Again the boat met all of our expectations as we sailed to Marion.  It was a joy to have Cecily, the former owner of Quintessa, join us for dinner aboard the boat.  When we first met Cecily and did a sea trial with the boat, Bob’s comment afterward was that the only pbIMG_1133roblem with the boat was that Cecily did not come with it!  Cecily and her husband, Ernie, had built Quintessa.   Her enthusiasm for the boat and sailing was contagious.  It was serendipity that we met at the Newport Boat Show the year before.


Sun, Sept 8-

Cecily called us as we sailed out of the harbor to say she was watching us go.  We sailed all day and anchored about 7 pm in Bristol, RI.  We love the town of Bristol and to see it from the harbor boosted our interest in the town even more.  It might be a nice place to live someday.

Quintessa spent the next week at NEB in Portsmouth, RI while we went north to our niece Kaitlyn and Ben’s wedding in Vermont.  A wonderful family time.

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  1. Cecily Grable says:

    I am so happy to see photos of you and news of your travels.
    Wishing you all the best., Quintessa looks great,

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