Lisbon Passage: Days 1-4

Thursday, June 26 –

We walked around Ponta Delgada and explored the local produce market.  The quality of the produce is excellent and very affordable.  We loaded up knowing the refrigerator space was going to be very tight.  By 4 pm we had cleared out through Customs and Immigration and left the dock.  Good bye Azores, hello Lisbon.  This leg from Sao Miguel to Lisbon is about 750 miles on the rhumb line.  We are sailing as much as possible so will crisscross the rhumb line a few times.


Friday, June 27 –

There was supposed to be very little wind.  Wrong.  The wind is blowing about 25 with gusts to 30.  We are making good time but moving about in the galley to cook dinner is an athletic event.  We had great salmon fillets which we planned to grill but the seas were too sloppy.  Sara baked the fish and prepped her black bean salad which is very colorful to complete an eye appealing meal at sea.  With the guys at the cockpit table ready to receive plates, a rogue wave hit the boat.  The loud expletive from the gally suggested to them that all of dinner had hit the floor.  In fact, dinner was fine.  The 1 gallon plastic bin of garbage, coffee grounds and cans had launched from beside the sink, partially crossed the galley and deposited the contents all over the front of the lower cabinets, floor, and Sara’s feet.  In addition, the small bowl of garlic oil she had just warmed to put on the boiled potatoes, duplicating the dish we had just enjoyed with the octopus at the restaurant, had also taken flight.  bIMG_2836(2)That had hit the front of the upper cabinets and was running down the wood fronts.  Not a good moment.  bIMG_2837(2)What to do?  Ignore it for the moment and enjoy a hot dinner.  We addressed the mess later.


bIMG_2838(2)Saturday, June 28 –

It is Bob’s birthday.  A quiet day at sea under sail – his favorite way to spent a birthday.  Ken bought a triple chocolate cake and Bob S had gotten candles so we celebrated at dinner.  Ken had also gotten Bob a special lure for catching tuna.  This crew wants to catch more tuna!  Bob has also lost several lures fishing since leaving Bermuda so he is ready to get the line back out.  We sailed all day and night with lumpy seas.


Sunday, June 29 –

A day of dolphins!  We had a school of 15-20 dolphins join us swimming alonside the boat for over an hour.  They were very playful, turning on their sides and looking up at us and doing high jumps with twists, out of the water.    They seemed to like having an audience, especially when we responded with enthusiastic applause.  We got some great video of them showing off as well as photos.

The evening included movie night with popcorn.  Despite the lumpy seas we managed to all relax in the salon sofa and forget about the conditions for a while.


(click) Dolphins jumping off the bow video

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