Wrapping up Projects in Marmaris

December 20 – 25, 2016 — 

We have done our time (out of the EU) and we are now free to go (back to the EU).  We will miss Marmaris for the food, culture experiences and all the friends we have made here.   It has been a busy and enjoyable time in Marmaris not to mention productive.  We been ticking through a list of the top ten projects completed and we are very pleased! Most are completed or should be completed by the end of the week.  We will leave a few to finish up in Greece since we will still have a couple months there, after we return from Barcelona.

The main sail is cleaned and repaired, the bow thruster we thought needed servicing now has a new motor, the faulty water maker pump has been replaced, the motor on the mast for the main sail has been serviced and the cover painted, the brightwork has four more coats of varnish, the deck crack repairs are almost completed, all internal speakers on the boat are working, the new solar panels are still creating power, the bilge pump wiring has been redesigned, and —–.  Whew!  With a few more projects that we can do ourselves after returning to Greece, our pockets are lighter, but the boat will be ready for another sailing season.  Today we understand some people’s definition of cruising — the opportunity to repair your boat in exotic places!


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