New Friends!

Friday, August 1, 2014 –

In this marina, as in most in the Mediterranean, boats all use the med moor system to dock.  That means that there are no fingers between the boats.  Instead, each boat backs in to the dock using a bow line connected to a mooring to hold the boat off from the front.  Then there are fenders between the boats on the sides to keep them apart.  We are back into the dock and use our steps to easily go on and off the boat.

This morning we heard a boat coming into the slip beside us.  We went out to offer assistance if needed and found it to be a U. S. flagged boat!  Charlie and Heather are from Fairfield, CT.  They went into their spot bow first with a very high bow and are unable to climb off the front of their boat.  Backing in was a problem as a dinghy on davits off the back of the boat would impede their getting off there.  An easy and friendly solution has been for them to climb over onto our boat and use our back steps.


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